Hugh Hefner Costume Guide

Born on the 9th of April, 1926, Hugh Hefner was the founder of the infamous Playboy Magazine. Playboy was famous for featuring revealing photographs and played a crucial role in the sexual revolution. It remains one of the best-known magazines globally. Hugh Hefner was a strong advocate of freedom of expression and believed in sexual liberation. His smoking hot costume is a great option to go with if you plan to attend a costume party.

Why Choose to Dress Up Like Hugh Hefner

It is easy to forget how much of an impact Playboy had on the world of entertainment. While the magazine itself may not have been very successful initially, it paved the way for the sexual revolution that followed. Playboy started to showcase beautiful women in their swimsuits and gradually evolved into a lifestyle magazine that featured nude women photography. Hugh Hefner himself wanted to change society’s views on sex and nudity.

He believed that the sexual revolution was necessary and that everyone should express themselves freely. Playboy Magazine is still going strong today and is one of the most famous publications in the world. Playboy recently celebrated its 70th anniversary. Hugh Hefner’s iconic image is forever ingrained in pop culture, and his legacy continues to live on through the magazine he founded.

Here we’ve compiled all the different items you will need to complete the perfect Hugh Hefner costume:



A burgundy-colored jacket is a must-have for this outfit. You can wear it open or buttoned up as per your choice. This jacket should be long enough to cover the pants and have a belt at the waist. If possible, try and get one that has some leather patches on the elbows. The front pocket should have an opening for a cigar and a lighter. The stitching details are essential, and you should look into getting something that has some lovely embroidery done on it. For the finishing touch, add a white shirt underneath the jacket. This jacket was the life of the party back in the day and you can definitely pull off wearing it too!



If you want to keep things classy and genuinely look like Hugh Hefner in all his glory, then pair your suit with black pants. These pants should be tight-fitting and should hug your legs just right. They should also have some leather patches on the sides. A good idea would be to have them with a zipper running down the side of the leg. To finish your look, you can have a pair of boots to match your suit. These boots should be fitted to your feet and have a few buckles on the top.



The shirt is another essential part of the outfit. Ideally, this shirt should be a white t-shirt. It should fit snugly around your torso and should have a collar. It should also have two buttons on the front, one for each buttonhole. If you don’t have any white shirts, you can go ahead and buy some from a store. Make sure that the shirt you pick is loose enough to not bind when you put on the jacket. If you plan on having a cigar in your mouth while wearing this outfit, then make sure you have a box of matches somewhere close by.



For the socks, go for black ones. These socks should be thick and should feel comfortable against your skin. They should be ankle length and should come up just above the ankles. Matching these socks with pants will give you a very stylish look.



Hugh Hefner loved shoes and often wore a pair of brown leather brogues while he was hosting parties. The same can be said about you. It would be best to buy a pair of brown leather brogues to match your outfit. These shoes should be simple yet elegant. Leather brogues will help accentuate the overall look of the outfit.



The pipe was an essential accessory used by Hugh Hefner. This particular item is no longer in fashion, but it will still give you a cool look. The pipe should be made out of wood and have a bowl at the end. You can use a lighter to light the tobacco inside. The pipe’s stem should be thin and narrow so that it won’t take away from the outfit’s overall look.



Hugh Hefner always wore a hat while he was partying. This particular hat is no longer in style, but you can still wear it if you want. You should buy a fedora hat. This hat should have a wide brim and be large enough to cover your ears. You can tie the brim under your chin or even leave it open. This hat is a great way to add a bit of class to your outfit.


You can easily recreate the iconic look of Hugh Hefner with the help of the items mentioned above. These clothes will allow you to look like Hugh Hefner without having to spend hours trying to create a whole costume. The best thing about these clothes is that they can be worn for various occasions and you can mix and match them at your convenience.

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