The Walking Dead

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Smash some zombie brain in style!

The post – apocalyptic thriller show created by Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman, and Tony Moore. It has been entertaining fans of zombies with great content for over 10 years, based on the comic book series. Walking Dead revolves around how survivors of an apocalypse tend to survive and are always under threat. Zombies still walk the face of the earth are preying on alive humans. Thus, the survivors have huddled together to face conflict together in groups, instead of dying alone at the hands of brainless zombies. The award – winning show deserves an award – winning cast consisting of the legendary and much – loved character, Norman Reedus who has a man gaming avatar based on his character in Walking Dead. Other sensational actors include Steven Yeun, Christian Serratos, Dnai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs and many more. 

The survivors have set laws to remain free from conflict and fight together with their leader, Rick Grimes playing Andrew Lincoln. The fans have loved every second of the legendary acting and plot line of Walking Dead that many spinoff series have produced, such as Fear the Walking Dead and Walking Dead: World Beyond. The beautiful collection of Walking Dead merch needs no introduction. You can get your handcrafted premium quality vest, jackets, and coat at an amazing price to have the pizazz of Norman Reedus. Any person who has seen the show knows what a rollercoaster they are in for with the most exquisite fashion sense in a post – apocalyptic era. Zombies do not mean you do not dress to impress. Walk with the dead in chic and fashion – forward streetwear inspired by Rick Grimes with a little terror of your own. 

Walking Dead Jacket, Vest, and Coat Collection

If you are among the many who want some Walking Dead inspired outfits in their wardrobe. Then, here at NYC Jackets, all your dreams come true! Our collection speaks for itself. It needs no introduction, so get your Juanita Sanchez Purple The Walking Dead to brighten your day. If you prefer more of a simplistic style, then Negan is your man. Throughout the show, he has impressed fans with sheer courage and a style that suits all, as it is super comfortable. But Negan too does know how to take the simplistic style up a notch with his asymmetrical leather jacket. The zipper closure brings attention to the fine stitching of the lapel collar with button embezzlements and shoulder epaulets. 

Moreover, the interior of the Walking Dead leather jacket for men has a smooth viscose layer that adds to the longevity, warmth, and comfort of your Negan inspired apparel. Ashley Tisdale, the child actor who has heart since forever but her special appearance made us fall in love with her bold, yet simplistic fashion sense. The Walking Dead leather vest has been curated from premium quality leather with a V neck to show off your stunning collar bones. Rock it like none other than the badass, Ashley! All the fashionista beware our wool blend and leather apparels will blow you away. Stand till the end of time in your Rick Grimes jacket!

The Walking Dead Jackets & Coats