Gear Up for the Heist with Our Exclusive Payday Outfit Collection

Delve into the thrilling world of Payday 3, where the thrill of the heist reigns supreme. Join the legendary Payday crew – Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains – as they embark on audacious missions to execute the ultimate heist.

Inspired by the game’s gritty aesthetic and the rebellious styles of its characters, NYC Jackets has curated a Payday outfit collection that will transform you into a true Payday mastermind. 

With our authentic designs, you’ll feel the spirit of these iconic heisters and become part of a passionate fandom that has captivated gamers worldwide.

Whether you’re a seasoned Payday veteran or a newcomer to the franchise, our Payday outfit collection is the perfect way to showcase your love for the game and channel the adrenaline rush of pulling off the perfect heist. 

So, grab your masks, get your guns ready, and prepare to unleash your inner Payday mastermind.

Unleash Your Inner Heist Enthusiast With Payday Halloween Costume

Halloween is the perfect time to rock these outfits. Our Payday Halloween costume collections are not just for cosplay but to help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re attending a costume party or simply want to add a touch of Payday flair to your everyday look, these outfits are the perfect choice.

Want to transform yourself into the mastermind behind every heist? 

Or do you like the trickster’s charm in your looks? Our amazing outfits feature all of these feelings! The jackets and coats have aesthetic finishes, durable fabric, and a trendy feel. 

Pair any of our Payday outfits with dark jeans, a black turtleneck, and combat boots to complete the look.

Unleash Your Inner Hero with Our Authentic Costume Collection

Finding the perfect costume can be daunting, but our authentic Payday collection simplifies the process. Each outfit is stylish and true to the game’s aesthetic and crafted from high-quality materials for exceptional comfort and durability.

Immerse yourself in the legendary style of the Payday crew with our four distinct outfits inspired by iconic characters: Dallas, Chains, Joy, and Hoxton. Each outfit perfectly captures the character’s unique traits and personality, allowing you to embody their spirit.

Dallas—Channel the leadership of Dallas, the Payday crew’s de facto leader, with his distressed brown jackets. The Dallas Payday costume reflects his countless heists and close calls, adding a touch of grit to your style.

Chains—You can also flex the brute strength of Chains, the Payday crew’s enforcer, with his rough black jacket collection. Any Payday Chains outfit here embodies Chains’ loyalty and fiery nature perfectly.

Joy—Showcase the rebellious spirit of Joy with our edgy black faux leather jackets inspired by her. These stylish pieces reflect Joy’s self-assured attitude and mastery of all things mechanical. Every Payday Joy outfit adds a touch of rock-and-roll to your wardrobe.

Hoxton—You can emulate Hoxton, the Payday crew’s cockney charmer, with his charismatic outfits. These durable pieces mirror Hoxton’s effortless and laid-back nature. This Payday 2 Hoxton outfit will make you the perfect catch for any occasion.

Whether you’re planning a costume party, a night out with friends, or simply want to add a touch of Payday flair to your everyday wardrobe, our authentic Dallas cosplay payday collection has something for everyone. 

Embrace the spirit of the Payday crew, unleash your inner heist hero, and step into the world of Payday with style!

Gear Up for Action with Our Payday Jacket Collection

Our Payday-inspired jacket collection is here to provide you with comfort, quality, style, and the feel of many iconic characters.

Whether you’re a seasoned Payday fan or just discovering the franchise, our costumes, including Wolf Payday 2 Halloween outfit, will transform you into a true crew member. So, gear up for action and join the Payday legacy with our exclusive jacket collection.

Go through this collection, and order your costume now!