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Death Stranding

Kojima Productions has amazed fans with another stunner. Death Stranding is the first attempt of the newborn productions after their split from Konami. It can be played on PlayStation and Windows, so gear up for the gaming experience of your life. On the other hand, you can purchase your very own Death Stranding streetwear at an affordable price from our online store, NYC Jackets. We have handcrafted the jackets, vests, and coats that cater to your style. impress the gaming community with your one of a kind Death Stranding Sam Porter Bridges Vest. If Margaret Qualley Lockne Hybrid Vest is more of your style, then order what you can rock. All the replicas of the Death Stranding vest and coats have been handcrafted to absolute finesse while being fashion-centric. 

We cater to both gamer girls and boys, so you have to sit back while we present to you the best Death Stranding merch available online. The wireless communication system is the only way Sam Porter Bridges inspired by the legend himself, Norman Reedus. He roams the earth after catastrophic destruction has taken place and massive demonic creatures are released that haram the civilians left alive. Sam Porter is the only one brave enough to provide supplies to isolated communities. If you thought Norman Reedus was the only bigshot actor in Death Stranding you are mistaken. Other actors, such as Lindsay Wagner, Mads Mikkelsen, Troy Baker, Tommie Earl Jenkins, Lea Seydoux, and a few others also play a role. The polarizing game has a huge fan base that wants nothing, but the best quality apparel inspired by the award-winning game. 

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Any gamer would be lucky to have played the single-player crazy PlayStation and Windows games that show the future. How the technologies have evolved to bring us the most thrilling and jump scare filled game of the decade. This story did not only highlight the great plotline, but it has the most interesting characters that have a unique personality. Thus, if you wanted something simple or fancy the ultra-modern characters bring a taste of their personalities in the mix. The fan base has been raving over the ravishing Fragile Express Death Stranding Jacket. Death too appears in style. The replica shows excellent craftsmanship in leather, as it appeals to the female gamers on the hunt for their perfect Death Stranding merch. 

Moreover, if you have a simplistic style like Norman Reedus, then the Porter Bridges vest will accentuate your natural physique. The sleeveless Death Stranding vest has been curated from the finest lyrca and synthetic silk material that goes well with the soft premium quality viscose lining. Not only is it comfortable, but the materials are super breathable. What are you waiting for? Get hands-on the Sam Porter Bridges Jacket, or Sam Porter Coat, and many more. Be the trendsetter among your gaming friends with your highly affordable premium quality Death Stranding costumes.

Death Stranding Vests & Coats