Dark Jonas Kahnwald Hooded Jacket


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Material: Polyester
Inner: Polyester Lining
Front: Button Closure
Color: Yellow
Cuffs Style: Open-hem cuffs
Pockets: Three Front Pocket
Collar Style: Hooded Style

    2 XL
    3 XL
    4 XL + $25
    5 XL + $25

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      Material: Polyester
      Inner: Polyester Lining
      Front: Button Closure
      Color: Yellow
      Cuffs Style: Open-hem cuffs
      Pockets: Three Front Pocket
      Collar Style: Hooded Style


      XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2 XL, 3 XL, 4 XL + $25, 5 XL + $25


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      Brand: NYC Jackets

      Dark Jonas Kahnwald Yellow Hooded Jacket

      Louis Hofmann plays the role of Jonas Kahnwald in the mysterious thriller series, Dark with plot twists around every corner. 

      The Dark hooded jacket is a total banger with a vibrant yellow color that brightens your wardrobe. The baggy style of the polyester jacket has been cut and stitched to give you the cool vibe you have been looking for! Moreover, the Jonas Kahnwald jacket has been loaded with a layer of the soft inner polyester lining that adds to the longevity, sturdiness, and durability of the design. Also, you will be glad for the three frontal pockets of your Louis Hofmann jacket, as pockets can never go wrong and they come in handy. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Dark hooded jacket, now!


      Our Customer Rating

      4.9 out of 5.0
      1. 5 out of 5

        November 24, 2022

        The jacket arrived nice and quicker. It has a dusty kind of smell when I got it and was lacking luster. But after a good thorough wipe with leather conditioner the smell is gone and the jacket looks great! The leather is very soft and craftsmanship is acceptable for the price. Probably the only thing that let it down a little is the metal hardware parts could have been better quality, they are not shiny much. I am small build about 120lb. The XS size is good for me. It does looks bit big on me in my photos but I was wearing only a t-shirt. The extra room will allow me to wear a sweater under in cold weather.
      2. 5 out of 5

        November 24, 2022

        I'm hearing some of the potential purchasers of this jacket look at that headline and saying, "well, yeah it's worth it to you since you didn't pay anything!" That's besides the point. Even if I had paid $200+ for this jacket, I'd still be singing its praises. Rugged, comfortable, not too thick, moveable, gorgeous; this is extremely high quality. I've had jackets that were more expensive that didn't look as good or move as easily or fit as well as this. Easily the best motorcycle jacket I've ever owned, and I'm a Gen Xer and we went through biker jackets like they were going out of style.
      3. 5 out of 5

        November 24, 2022

        You are getting a true leather jacket. The leather has a natural finish that does not appear stamped. It feels very soft and pliable. The quilted stitching around the shoulders looks fantastic. The elbows have added squares. The strips around the pockets and for the accent pieces are all leather as well. The silver accents look great without being gaudy. There is an appropriately thin fabric liner. All of the zippers are quality YKK. At the $229 price point this is a fantastic deal. They probably are able to achieve this by using a somewhat thinner leather. Its not going to look or feel like a big bulky cold weather coat. This is a lightweight leather jacket that has a style that is meant to be slim fit - it is true to size based on the large that I received. The arm length is perfect. I could not be happier. Lastly, it smells like leather, no chemically odor to mine.
      4. 5 out of 5

        November 24, 2022

        I like to be pleasantly surprised. I like realizing the item I bought is actually much better than I expected. This is how I feel about this TLC leather biker jacket. I am impressed with the quality of the leather - it is soft, supple, and smooth, and has a high-quality feel to it. To me, it is pretty much on par with my brand-name leather jacket that I bought from a major luxury retailer for over $800. The jacket feels substantial, and it has a warm lining, so it is best for colder weather. The workmanship seems to be very good, and I didn't find any visible defects. I like the biker style, and it's more of a café racer jacket, and the diamond pattern on the shoulders adds a stylish touch. I wish the hardware was a bit better, it would totally elevate this jacket to a luxury level, but it's not a major deal breaker. I typically wear size Large so I ordered it that size. It fits well, but in retrospect, I should've ordered size XL to have a little more room. Overall, it's a great jacket for the money, and I recommend it. I hope this review was helpful to you.
      5. 5 out of 5

        November 24, 2022

        I love this jacket; it does a great job of cutting out the cold weather while remaining really stylish. My husband gets lots of compliments on this jacket, and it fits him really well. He has broad shoulders, so he has trouble finding jackets that will fit him right and look nice at the same time. I love the way it fits across his back and shoulders with nice quilted lines accross accentuating the broadness. I also really like the way the collar will stay up with the little buckle at the end. The leather is incredibly soft to the touch and moves easily without the stiffness that can come with leather. There are nice lines on the jacket with intricate seam work that doesn’t make the jacket look patchy. There are plenty of zippers and buckles to keep the style while remaining understated. There is a really nice liner inside that holds the warmth well, with a thin layer of padding that adds to the protection of the jacket. There is a nice durability that shows in the quality of the seams and zippers. Everything is of higher quality, from the liner and zippers to the buckles and buttons. The jacket has a nice weight to it; this is because it has nice quality material that moves easily without being bulky. If it is really cold outside, it is enough to wear a hoodie underneath. The style is easy to dress up or down, so it can be a versatile look. Our five-year-old said he thinks they should share the coat; he loves the weight and feels too. With the quality of this jacket, he could have it passed down in a few decades.
      6. 5 out of 5

        November 24, 2022

        This TLC Black men's biker jacket with Notch Lapel Collar and Zipper Cuff is light enough to wear on an 80-degree day with a t-shirt on when riding your bike and heavy enough to wear on a 30-degree day with a sweatshirt on underneath. While there is a quilted Rayon lining inside, it's very thin. So it's almost like you're just wearing the sheepskin leather all by itself. I'm 5'11" and 210lbs and normally wear a size 2XL in t-shirts and shirts. I went 3XL for this jacket and it fits surprisingly well with just a long-sleeve t-shirt on. The sleeves are about 2-3" too long, which could turn out to be a problem. But I expect to be wearing it mostly in cold weather when I'll probably have a thick sweatshirt on and that should help with the excess sleeve length. According to their size chart, the sleeves are only 1/2" shorter on the 2XL. I don't know what they mean by "zipper cuffs" because this jacket does not have zippers on the cuffs. It has a leather strap with a snap closure. In fact, if they would've simply added a second snap on the cuff that would allow it to be tightened a little more when snapped closed, I wouldn't even have a problem with the sleeve length because the cuffs would stop at my hands as they should. As for the zippers it does have, they are all YKK metal zippers. Fortunately, most appear to be in good shape. I say that because these jackets, or at least some of the hardware used on them, look as if they have been sitting somewhere in storage. In my photo, you can see that the zipper and metal rings have a very dull finish and even some rust that has spread onto the jacket itself. That takes some time to happen. The jacket does have a very strong chemical smell upon removal from its bag. If it was a new leather smell, I would be fine with that. But this smell began to burn my nose after wearing the jacket for 5 minutes. So I placed it open and in the sun to try and air it out. Perhaps it's from the dye used when they dyed the leather black? You may also want to use a lint roller on the inside lining if yours also arrives with dozens of tiny white fibers on it. I took a photo, but they're hard to see.
      7. 5 out of 5

        November 24, 2022

        Your jacket is amazing! And I just wanted to let you know that Will Smith reposted it when my husband wore it!
      8. 5 out of 5

        November 24, 2022

        I received my order, and everything is perfect! The sizing is just right, the quality and texture of the fabrics used is superb, the shipping time was very fast.You most certainly have a new customer!
      9. 5 out of 5

        November 24, 2022

        Liked it so much that I'll be ordering another one soon in a larger size for myself. This one was a gift for a family member.
      10. 5 out of 5

        November 24, 2022

        Thanx for my jacket I love it , good service
      11. 5 out of 5

        November 24, 2022

        I received the new jacket and the sizing and fit is perfect. Thank you so much for making the adjustments.
      12. 5 out of 5

        November 16, 2022

        Ordered a Star Trek Strange New Worlds Jacket and it not only was perfect in every detail but size was just right. Thank you for checking and confirming the size before shipment. Very happy with the product.
      13. 5 out of 5

        November 03, 2022

        I love the jacket, it fits perfectly
      14. 5 out of 5

        November 03, 2022

        I received the new jacket yesterday and the sizing and fit perfect. Thank you so much for making the adjustments.
      15. 5 out of 5

        November 03, 2022

        It's here early, it fits great, and it is really comfortable!
      16. 5 out of 5

        November 02, 2022

        Good for and quality.

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