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The Heist we all can’t get over!

Money Heist is back with another thriller but this time to save Professor’s one true love. For all the Money Heist fans out there, Netflix has announced that the 5th season will be the last season of the most binged tv series in recent years. The Spanish tv series revolves around how a team of unknown criminals of their time and different caliber comes together to loot the bank of Spain. The plan is to escape with 2.4 billion Euros after printing each note to absolute perfection under the supervision of Queen Nairobi. Alvaro Morte plays the role of El Professor, Sergio Marquina the mastermind behind the heist consisting of 8 total moody robbers. 

The biggest twist that we see when Berlin sacrifices himself, just so everyone can get out of the Royal Mint safely. Who would have thought the ruthless leader, Berlin played by Pedro Alonso will be Professor’s brother? Ursula Corbero or more famously known as Tokyo from Money Heist. She has inspired all the strong independent young girls who are hot-headed like her character. Not only did she inspire women to cut their hair short, but she has showcased solid and bold colors. Female fans are drooling over the Raquel Murillo leather jacket and the iconic Tokyo jacket. 

On the other hand, Nairobi’s style is bold and filled with fashion statements that are not for the faint-hearted, as she incorporates fringes and fur in her style. Fur and fringe jacket grabbed a lot of attention from the men, as many ordered for their daring girlfriends. Agata or Nairobi is played by Alba Flores. Bring back the colors and daring back in your street style with Money Heist leather jackets in store for you. 2020 is all about doing justice to your unique style and walking with confidence in your Berlin coat. 

The Infamous Money Heist Collection at your disposal

We are elated to get our own Money Heist La Casa De Papel Dali Costume for Halloween. Peros is one of the most trusted men of Professor. But the way he carries himself, we are head over heels for his lapel style cotton coat. It has been crafted to perfect the aura you want. Walk-in elegance and fill in the gap in your wardrobe with your off – white cotton buttoned Luka Coat. The diversity we have to offer at NYC jacket, we make any Money Heist fan go loco. The fame and love this season has got are immense, as everyone was waiting to get their staple wardrobe essentials inspired by La Casa De Papel. 

Our creative designers bring forth the best designs manufactured from premium quality leather, fleece, or cotton. You name it, we got it! The biker jacket from Money Heist worn by Tokio has been replicated to perfection. Moreover, the asymmetrical design makes us appreciate the attention to detail of the original Ursula genuine leather jacket. Get your celebrity jackets under one roof in a premium stitch. The wait is over for comfort and fashion to be mixed in the best Money Heist outfits that you are going to fall in love with.

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