The release date for Yellowstone Season 4 just dropped and we are super excited!

Gear up for Yellowstone season 4 announcements!

We have all the juicy details of your favorite show! The producers of Yellowstone left us all hanging with the deadlock between John Dutton and his family against Market Equities. There were many plot twists that we would have never anticipated, but you are in for some season 4 spoilers. Ready? The Paramount Network has blessed us with another season of Yellowstone after the big finale of season 3. The gritty Western vibe is pushing through for another season released in 2021.

The beloved Kevin Costner stars Yellowstone and fans are eagerly waiting for the entire cast to see one last time in summer 2021 for that thrilling ranch drama. The tentative date for the season premiere is around June 2021, as season 3 was released on 21 June. Fans have been keeping a tab on all the updates on the shooting, as it has been delayed due to the COVID – 19 Pandemic. There have been many highlights where producers have promised filming to continue from mid of August. They are taking in Montana’s beautiful ranch to shoot exclusively all year round to deliver the best for Yellowstone fanatic.

Moreover, casting directors of Yellowstone have been on the hunt for extras on season 4. So, if you are a Yellowstone fan and live in Montana you are in luck! Wondering why? Well, the directors have been hiring locals, as they are going to be filing from August to December. Avail your once in a lifetime opportunity to experience life in the beautiful Dutton Ranch.

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