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When someone says a word about teenage drama and suspense, the only show that comes to mind is 13 Reasons Why. The tv series revolves around the iconic plotline of how peer pressure and bullying play a major role in the lives of young impressionable kids. It is like no other high school. The main character, Hannah Baker comes to the point in her life where she can no longer take the constant betrayal of any person she trusts, and she takes her own life. But it is not only dark and gloom of what the 13 reasons are for her taking her own life, instead it highlights how you can become friends with the most unexpected people. Clay becomes the only ray of sunshine in her life. So, if you have your ray of sunshine hold onto them tight and enjoy the precious moments you share with them, just like Hannah Baker did. She dedicated the last tape of the 13 reasons that led to her to end her life to Clay. 

Now, for any 13 reasons why fan this came as a huge shock how a true friend could be among the culprits of her death. However, not to spill the tea for any fan of the amazing high school drama unfolding in each audio diary in the young adult fiction TV series by Jay Asher. Let’s take a closer look at all the amazing actors the show discovered and how they showcased character development throughout the three seasons in the most exquisite way. Thus, before the next season drops get hands – on the most iconic streetwear from the fashion – forward show. Teens are in love with the funky, yet classy trends inspired by 13 Reasons Why. Do not miss out on the amazing collection. Spice up your mundane high school fashion with your Hannah Baker chic jacket, or just rock the Jessica Davis Burgundy Blazer

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If you were wondering how Bryce died? Well, you would have to watch the three-part teenage mystery series, but before you, binge watch the last season order your sensational apparel inspired from 13 reasons why. It is among the few shows that have gotten much-love from fans around the world for showcasing the true reality of high school and how teens are under constant mental pressure to fit into the hip crowd. Be it changing your fashion sense or what you eat, teens are constantly trying to mold themselves to become something they are not. So, here we want you to be true to yourself and order the jacket that speaks to your fashion sense. You do not need to worry about whether we have your favorite character’s iconic look or not. 

Our stocks are up to the mark! Be it Clay Jensen 13 reasons why superfly denim jacket or the casual Justin Foley Varsity Jacket replica. Each jacket has been handcrafted to perfection, so they accentuate your mundane fashion while giving you the confidence to face any high school drama. Hannah’s style was one of kind, just like her beautiful self. Therefore, oomph your wardrobe with the Hannah Baker Maroon Jacket available at a giveaway price. 

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