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Women's Celebrity Outfits

Madison Pettis Brown Leather Jacket


Women's Celebrity Outfits

Gigi Hadid Black Leather Jacket


Women's Celebrity Outfits

Steph McGovern Tiger Varsity Jacket


Women's Celebrity Outfits

Suki Waterhouse Black Leather Jackets



It’s a Premium Quality Knockoff/Unbranded Product.

This product is inspired by fictional characters and actual celebrity outfits/costumes as seen on Movies/TVSeries/Games and worn by Celebrities.
This Product is manufactured with premium quality materials, exceptional quality hand stitching to fulfill your desire to look exactly like your inspirational character.
Colors and Design May Vary from Digital Screen actual Product.

NYC Jackets Aim:

The NYC Jackets aims to connect die-hard fans with their favorite fictional characters and celebrities through the spirit of fashion. And find some of the most popular movie leather jackets for men and women inspired by superhero and film star outwear, and get the ideas to create their own, unique style of fashion with inspiration. Our products are also very reasonably priced so that everyone can enjoy their favorite styles.