La Casa De Papel Money Costume Guide

So, have you watched the show? The nerve-wracking, bloody, and full of strategies show – La Casa De Papel.

A show that started to fade away in the beginning suddenly got the attention of Netflix and boom – that is all people talked about as long as it was airing. Even today, after the release of the final season – people are still drooling over the characters. From Professor to Berlin, everybody got the attention of people, but it was the red costume that was the talk of the town. While Bella Ciao became the jam of people, it was this costume that became the latest trend of the century.

Money Heist Costume

Papel Dali Costume

Don’t get confused – Money Heist is the English name of the TV series ‘La Casa De Papel’. Wear this costume and people will instantly recognize it – yes, it’s that popular. If you’re preparing for Halloween or just a costume party, then this is the best option for you. In case you’re searching for such a costume, then there is no place better than NYC Jackets for it. Made with cotton, the Money Heist Costume jacket comes with a YKK Zipper Closure, viscose lining for comfort, and a turn-down with hoodie collar. Exactly how it’s shown in the TV series.

Apart from it, the costume comes with rib-knitted cuffs that make it look amazing. Furthermore, the jacket comes with two front zippers and two-patch pockets. In short, the costume is made up of the finest material in the market for customers’ comfort. The resemblance of this item is extremely similar to the original costume. Like the real one, this costume is made up of traditional blood-red color that is as ravishing as ever.

This costume is actually a jumpsuit with a hood, which is what makes it so perfect. The hoodie gives it a nice touch and is definitely something that the fans of the show will approve of. If anything is as hit as the show, it has to be the costume. So, get it today from the store and adorn it for a party of your choice. It will never disappoint you!

Money Heist Costume Mask

This costume is incomplete with the Dali Mask. In case you’re going to a party, then it’s necessary for you to get it as well. It’s a face mask that has gone viral on the internet since La Casa De Papel aired on Netflix. It’s the same mask that people on the streets wore in support of the thieves in the show. Check for a mask that is made up of Latex and is hard to break as well. You don’t want to throw it away after one use, right? Don’t forget to carry an artificial gun with this amazing attire or you will regret not wearing it!

Money Heist Costume Jacket

La Casa De Papel Hoodie Jacket

Although it’s not much recommended, if you like to try new things, then this can be your go-to apparel. As the jacket is made up of lightweight material; therefore, it’s just the right option for you. It will work like a charm in all seasons and will not disappoint you in terms of quality as well.

The bright red color can make your skin tone pop up like never before. If you wish to keep it casual, then you can mix up a watch and a few bracelets to give a new touch to the whole look.

Remember how Tokyo ruled the whole show with her flawless hairstyle? You can follow her steps and copy your icon’s look for the best. You don’t have to go with the boots like the character, you can opt for other footwear for a casual look. There are many ways in which you can style this one outfit and wear it any time of the day.

There’s no need to save this masterpiece for Halloween only. Turn your basic wardrobe into a section that allows you to experiment more than you can imagine. Try out this jacket and shop it in your size. Make sure to check the measurements on the website before ordering it to save yourself from all the trouble!

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