Are you looking for some styling ideas to wear a biker jacket? We are here to help you! Among the many different forms of leather jackets, this one is a common favorite. The sleek collars flapping over with metallic zippers amalgamate masculinity with style and class.

This leather jacket is a versatile part of your wardrobe helping you to get different kinds of looks. Feel free to look cool and casual or give a tint of class in your daily look. However, the main aim here is to wear a biker jacket without much looking like a biker. Sounds interesting, right? It can be worn in a vast range of styles according to your taste. Please keep reading to have a look at a few possible ways to flaunt that same motorcycle jacket in totally different looks.

Biker Jackets Background

As the name indicates, the motorcycle/biker jacket was initially created for motorcyclists. The thick leather was used with the aim to provide protection to the body in case of an accident. Moreover, the slim-fitting and cropped cuts were expected to help the riders drive easily without disturbing their body movement.

With the progression of time, the comfort and style of these jackets attracted people to adopt these jackets in their daily routine. The game didn’t stop here, but the designers jumped in. They introduced ranges and styles of biker jackets while giving a lot of different ways to pair them up.

How to Wear a Men’s Bikers Jacket:

Those days are gone when people used to wear biker jackets only in winters. These days, people are still using them in autumn. Moreover, the usage lasts till the middle of spring, especially the cool evenings.

It is important to mention here, that below are just a few possible options to give you an idea.  However, you must dress according to the culture, season, trend, and mood. Now without any ado, let us have a look at different ways to style your motorcycle.

The Funky Lad:

Want to look bold and funky? This look is for you. Just wear a bright t-shirt inner and pair it up with bright blue chinos or slim-cut jeans. The bolder the t-shirt, the funkier you will look. This goes with a pair of joggers or sneakers. And last but not the least; add some chain with a pendant to Spice up the look.

As the winter gets colder, just add a layer of a soft jersey under the jacket. Also, you can simply skip the t-shirt with a sweatshirt and be ready to rock the look.

As far as colors are concerned, a red inner goes a long way with your black jacket. And the sneakers can be white or black. You can also wear a neon t-shirt with the same sneakers if you are bold enough to carry them.

The Rock n’ Roll Lover:

To give you a rock ‘n’ roll look, add some silk. Yes! A plain shiny silk shirt in bright colors will give you that bold look. To enhance the glamour, a printed shirt can do the job. Funkier the print, the more the jazz it will add to the look. Here, the simple sneakers will not look suitable. So, prefer some big black boots to complement the shine.

The Casual Guy:

This is a popular look and pretty easy to carry. The majority would like to wear this style in their daily routine. Just a collared t-shirt in some light color with light-colored jeans. A pair of white sneakers would be perfect to complete the look.

In winters, consider a soft jersey in some base color with the collars of the inner layer peeping out. You can use a blue, brown, grey, or black journey with a white or lighter inner in the same shade.

To enhance the warmth, you can simply roll up a muffler in a light shade. The muffler is the central tint to decide your look. Choose it according to the time of the day and your mood to enjoy the look.

The Simple Early Spring Roamer:

This is another casual look towards the simpler side. For people in cooler regions, leather jackets and biker ones, in particular, make a nice casual look. Just take some white t-shirt, a pair of relaxed white, off-white, or fawn chinos. You can also use a pair of lighter jeans with it and white trainers to crisp the look.

The Classy Dresser:

Did you know you can wear your jacket with a neck-tie as well? Yes! That classy look you like to carry goes well along with your very motorcycle jacket as well. Just use some plane or checkered dress shirt with a matching tie and medium fit trousers. To spice up the ‘decent guy look’ feel free to loosen your necktie to mix up the ease with class.

The Accessory freak:

This look works on the principle of “More is more”. People who love to accessorize, this one is for you. Get a rugged yet relaxed look by using some classy American accessories like a hat, sunglasses, and a bandana. Complete the look with plain inners, distressed denim, and some plain sneakers.

Make sure you match and complement the accessories to get a stable yet ‘mixed and matched look. For example, a brown hat will finely make up a beige look.


Biker Jackets, originally made to protect and comfort motorcyclists are quite in trend for years. The good news is you can wear your favorite jacket in different styles. First, decide the time of the day and event. Afterward, finalize your look according to your mood and season.

People with bold style can wear it equally well. Use some bright inners to add some colors and funk to your attire. On the other hand, you can carry yourself simply by using shirts and sweaters towards the simpler side. Furthermore, you can even add some accessories like hats and bandanas to pamper your lover for the accessory collection.

We hope you enjoyed this guide about some basic options. Please feel free to choose and create your favorite look according to your trend, culture, and personal dressing sense.


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