9 Best Motorcycle Jackets to Own in your Lifetime

If you have seen Brando’s The Wild One, you will already know about the impact of motorcycle jackets. In the film, Marlon Brando wears a masculine motorcycle jacket which became an overnight sensation. Johnny’s Perfecto-style motorcycle jacket became an overnight emblem of motorcycle culture to the people that had yet to be exposed to the motorcycle clubs springing up across the country, no doubt as a result of Brando’s swaggering image.

Men’s vintage leather motorcycle jacket is one of the few pieces of menswear that exudes confidence, tradition, and unvarnished masculinity. Despite the fact that expertise and good training serve to reduce the likelihood of a crash, riding a motorcycle carries the danger of crashing. Because there is nothing between you and the road or the other multi-ton trucks that share it, wearing suitable protection gear is a must and a leather motorcycle jacket is one such gear that offers safety as well. Therefore, one must own some really good motorcycle jackets in his lifetime.

For the convenience of motorcycle jackets lovers, we have compiled a list of the best leather motorcycle which NYC Jackets have to offer.

1.      Men’s Black Leather Jacket

NYC Leather Jackets brings the creative skill and technical aptitude of Italian craftsmanship to classic men’s outerwear with this sleekly crafted black motorcycle jacket. The jacket’s too-cool-to-care spirit, impeccable cut, and exquisite attention to detail set it apart, putting an ultra-modern take on conventional luxury.

With its ribbed stand-up collar, this jacket has the silhouette of a Cafe Racer but the glossy exterior black elevates the outer to the level of a true design item. Side pockets carry all of your essentials, and zippers fastenings keep everything in place.

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2.      Men’s Black and Maroon Leather Jacket


Look no farther than this NYC Jackets’ Men’s Black and Maroon Leather Jacket for a fresh take on a classic leather icon. As this high-end jackets label demonstrates, the best leather jackets aren’t always black. Black along with maroon leather motorcycle jackets has a certain raw and romantic appeal.

Consider scorching outback road excursions in the 1960s. Because of its superior quality, professional fit, and minimum hardware, this certain leather jacket is perhaps more suited to being worn to chic downtown cocktail parties.

Nonetheless, it has the spirit of adventure that we strive for in all the best leather jackets, thanks to its traditional bomber-style form.

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3.      Dennis Black Cafe Racer Leather Jacket

NYC Leather Jackets, a world-renowned manufacturer of exceptional outdoor clothes for motorcyclists, and leather lovers. So, with this black leather jacket on your back, you’ll be ready to take on everything life challenges you with, whether it’s a cross-country hike or a busy morning routine.

The low-profile buttoned collar is unobtrusive, while double chest pockets and nearly invisible side pockets keep things simple and elegant. The motorcycle leather jacket’s ribbed shoulders harken back to its original role as a protective coat for guys on the move, but the effortlessly exquisite fit ensures it’s just as much fashion as function.

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4.      Alberto White Striped Black Café Racer Jacket

NYC Jackets’ Alberto White Striped is a unique take on the outerwear classic, with a refined hue of dark black with white stripes. After a certain age, wearing a men’s leather motorcycle jacket can feel like a risky decision. The luxurious richness of this men’s leather jacket, along with its inimitable brand of elegance, makest great attire for men of any age—and there’s no indication of a midlife crisis here.

The buttoned cuffs and hem, as well as the standing collar, give the shirt a rockstar feel, while the superbly cut fit adds finesse. This versatile leather jacket by NYC Jacket will quickly become your go-to garment for both casual and formal situations.

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5.      Frazier Biker Leather Jacket

This leather motorcycle jacket is one of the best leather jacket models for you if you enjoy leather jackets but are afraid of motorcycle jackets with all their belts and zips. While it keeps the leather jacket style intact, it feels less hardcore and higher class.

Combine this Fraizer leather motorcycle jacket with a t-shirt and slacks, or wear it over a hoodie for a more casual look. When paired with a collared shirt and loafers, it can also be worn instead of a blazer for a more refined approach.

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6.      Joshua Men Blue Biker Jacket

Joshua invented the Perfecto leather jacket, arguably the most famous men’s leather jacket of all time. If you’re seeking the pinnacle of leather motorcycle jackets, you’ve come to the right place.

Joshua’s Perfecto Leather Garment, similar to one worn by Marlon Brando in The Wild One, is the ultimate audacious jacket. You know, the one that cemented Brando’s reputation as the ultimate anti-hero and rebel? The film was deemed so offensive that it was prohibited in the United Kingdom for fourteen years?  Not only was the film outlawed, but also the leather jacket. Wearing the Perfecto was outlawed in American schools during the 1950s.

This devil-may-care leather motorcycle jacket epitomizes devil-may-care attitude. No other jacket has achieved the same level of reckless romance and counterculture chic as this one.

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7.      Ellis Biker Leather Jacket

Ellis has been a favorite of fashion editors for the past many years thanks to its ability to mix Scandi simplicity, classic silhouettes, and avant-garde eccentricity. And nowhere is this more clear than in the leather motorcycle jacket collection from this creative designer. Classic styles are updated with artistic, contemporary changes that range from subtle to ridiculous. It’s perfect for those who want something a little different. Clean, uncomplicated, and built to last, this leather motorcycle jacket will surely be one hell of an investment.

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8.      Almeida Men’s Biker Leather Jacket

Some may argue that finding a good leather motorcycle jacket on the main street is impossible. Those people have never seen Almedia, a master of leather who packs a punch much beyond its price tag. As befits a brand known for narrow lines and razor-sharp tailoring, this black leather motorcycle jacket is more for nights out than jaunts on your Kawasaki Ninja. Classic pieces are reimagined in body-hugging designs with minimal ornamentation. A true pioneer and, without a doubt, the most legendary leather jacket brand on the planet, Almeida will surely not disappoint when it comes to opting for a leather motorcycle jacket.

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9.      Severio Men’s White Biker Jacket

This classic design is not only incredibly stylish and high-quality, but it has the essence to make you feel like a true racer with grace. NYC Leather Jackets was born out of a desire to create high-quality, long-lasting outdoor apparel that could resist anything the elements could throw at it. Its leather jackets epitomize this ethos, cut from the finest hides (including limited-edition deadstock materials) and handcrafted in the United States. If you take care of them, they will become future family heirlooms.

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